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Lesson Types

At Dixon Guitar Studio I believe that you should have a choice of how long, how many, and how often you have lessons. Below are the types of lessons you can pick from.

Meet and Greet

Before we begin I need to know a bit about you so that I have an idea of what I need to prepare and how I need to approach the lesson.

Weekly Lessons Hour

Recommended for adult learners and advanced students. Hour lessons are for those who need the extra instructional time to advance. These lessons happen on a weekly bas

One by one

For those with a very hectic schedule. Book every lessons in advanced for the duration available. See policy PDF for more information.

Casual Lessons

These lessons are for students who cannot make it to weekly lessons. They must be booked in advanced. See the policies PDF for further information.

Monthly lessons Hour

Recommended for anyone who wants to take lessons. These lessons happen on a weekly basis.

For all lessons, information can be found in the policy page on the PDF download.

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