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Guitar Focus

Every guitarist has a special quality of sound. The best ones will use a good ear, much sensitivity and a thorough knowledge of music to prepare the nuances and colors of sound.

Andres Segovia 

Beginner to Intermediate Finger Picking

What you will learn

Method Books

Students wishing to pursue classical guitar will be required to purchase a RCA book. The appropriate level will be determined in lessons. 

Classical guitar is unique as it requires no pics, all your fingers, and combines both melody and bass line at the same time. 

It is rewarding as it is so much more than strumming chords, but it requires time and patience as it does start slowly.

In these lessons students will learn proper holding and picking techniques. 

Lessons start with simple thumb and one finger technique as students play through scales, rhythms, and simple 2 note songs.

As students progress more fingers are used, and more notes are added. Rhythms become more complicated, and the music becomes more rewarding to play.

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